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Global vision. Local approach.

Substipharm is a privately held pharmaceutical Group.

We develop, supply and commercialize pharmaceuticals in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our portfolio of products that we currently license out or distribute directly or through partners comprises more than 40 different molecules. Our development pipeline includes as well more than 50 ongoing projects.

Our focus is on niche or differentiating products (based on technology and market size), as well as mature products for marketing authorizations that we have acquired from multinational companies.

We have a successful portfolio of pharmaceutical products and dossiers including:

  • Mature brands
  • Generics
  • Over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals
  • Difficult to develop medicines
  • Value added presentations

We are 80 people committed to giving everyone access to quality medicines.  This company project is the result of a collective effort from all of us at Substipharm !

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