Pioneers in the French pharmaceutical market.

Pioneers in the French pharmaceutical market, we have been developing dossiers since the company’s foundation in 1995; it’s one of the things we do best.

In 2003, with a great strength in the domestic generics market, our company based in Paris, France, unveiled plans to substantially grow the company into international markets to expand our global reach.

Over the next few years Substipharm’s presence grew rapidly and in 2005, we advanced into the finished pharmaceutical products market and since then have developed many innovative products for our clients worldwide.

In 2017, Substipharm has achieved a major turn in its history. For the 1st time the company acquired a mature brand and opened a representative office in London, UK. The company now is commercializing its own products issued either from its development pipeline or from acquisitions.
Since then, Substipharm has continued to invest in new brands and to strengthen its geographical footprint.

Today, Substipharm is synonymous with integrity and quality and our story has become one of international success, developing and commercializing a wide variety of pharmaceutical generics.

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