In 2020, all Substipharm employees came together and elaborated the fundamentals of our Substipharm 2025 vision.​ After several collaborative workshops, the main purpose and the 2025 objectives and vision of the company have been identified. ​

​Now, we would like to share with you our core values that drive us day after day in our activities:​


We are fully involved individually and collectively. We are committed to providing quality drugs to everyone.​


We are constantly on the lookout for innovative and clever ideas to provide solutions adapted to the needs of patients and our customers, in compliance with regulations.​


We are respectful to each other, we listen to each other and are kind to each other, to our customers and suppliers, with whom we want to build long-lasting relationships, in a climate of esteem and reciprocal recognition.​

A young, dynamic and vibrant company, we’re driven by an ambition to deliver results. Our team is continually seeking the next opportunity, through forthcoming patent expirations or new ventures. We look for pharmaceutical products with a degree of complexity, technological difficulty and clinical and manufacturing risk, selecting niche pharmaceutical markets with high returns.

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