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Vaccines establishment in the Asia-Pacific region

The recent acquisition in 2022 of IMOJEV® vaccine by Substipharm Biologics ®  is a significant step for the company in the Pacific Asia region. This acquisition led to the purchase of a factory in Bangkok and the opening of two new subsidiaries in Singapore and Geneva, allowing for wider distribution of the vaccine in the surrounding countries, including Australia. The acquisition was a significant step in the effort to combat JE and improve public health in the region.

IMOJEV® is a vaccine that is specifically designed to prevent Japanese Encephalitis (JE), a serious viral infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes. JE is a leading cause of viral encephalitis in Asia, with an estimated 68,000 cases occurring each year.

IMOJEV® is a live attenuated vaccine that works by exposing the body to a weakened form of the JE virus. This exposure triggers the body’s immune system to produce antibodies that can fight off the actual virus if it is encountered in the future. The vaccine is administered through an injection and is typically given in two doses, with the second dose given 28 days after the first.

One of the major advantages of IMOJEV® is that it provides long-lasting protection against JE. Studies have shown that a single dose of the vaccine can provide protection for up to three years, while two doses can provide protection for up to five years.*

We provide vaccines all over the world

Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that our vaccine is manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest technology. With a focus on innovation, quality, and patient care, we aim to be a leading provider of vaccines in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.